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28 February
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Hello, passing stranger. I suppose, if you're on this page, you're looking for some information about me. I shall do my best to provide some, so sit you down and let me set you up a glass.

I am Manhattanite, born and bred, and though I have been exiled to the outer buroughs for a few years now, the Little Island and the Heart of the World will always be my home.

I've been described as "a stiff drink in an ice storm," "badass and wonderful," "an apple and blueberry crumble (daring, delicious, and best had warm with some ice cream)" and "a ray of motherfucking sunshine."

I love scifi, fantasy, horror, steampunk, old books, new books, reruns of The West Wing, cooking, declaiming Shakespeare, going to the opera, watching Fringe, going to the ballet, shopping for perfumes and soaps and other girly sundries, reciting works by my favorite poets, trying on new shoes, flouncing around in dresses and fancy hats, wearing classy gloves, delivering speeches from my favorite shows, adorning myself with gold and semi-precious stones, fussing with my makeup, re-watching my favorite movies, writing run-on sentences, getting my hair pulled and brushed and pulled... And sex, that too.

Military history rocks my socks; I'm especially fond of naval history.

I love music. Classical, baroque, romantic, R&B, rock, dubstep, showtunes and 80s power ballads are perennial favorites.

I try to be fairly open about my political, religious, sexual and social views. However, listing them will probably lead to falsehood-by-simplification. Let's say I'm less liberal than you think and not as conservative as you want, and no that doesn't mean Libertarian. I won't flinch if you call me a Social Democrat, but if you're a fellow American, I'll wonder if, like Vizzini, you just use that [phrase] a lot. I tend to write het fiction but I read plenty of slash (why yes that could refer to something more than my literary habits). I was raised Catholic, and like many Catholics, I find that to be a source of endless internal conflict. I believe in my own weird code of ethics, and I think you should be allowed to do whatever you want, so long as you don't hurt people who aren't your kinky consenting partners. Oh, and don't kill anybody. Unless they're, you know, about to kill you. Then you go ahead and defend yourself. (Though I hope you never have to.) Never let people hurt you if it's not all in good, consensual fun.

I am, miracle of miracles, capable of disagreeing with you vehemently while still respecting (and even liking) you as a person. But, if you're a sexist, a racist, an ignorant reactionary xenophobe, or some other neo-nazi-esque bullshit, we don't have much to talk about it.

I squick irregularly, but I love stories that manage to get such a strong reaction out of me.

I love getting concrit. I also love giving it. If you ask for concrit, by god you will get it.

In person, I can be a little bossy. I want what I want how I want it, what can I say? You might say I like topping from the bottom.

My renegade Time Lord name is "The Teller."

If you have a FetLife account, you can find me there under the handle DeeBax.

Feel free to message me about anything, here or there.